What’s Your Story?

Elite Athlete

Ever heard of Synchronized Skating? Check it out:

I started skating at four and synchronized skating at eight. For twenty years my biggest passion in the world was skating. I love…The sound of an edge purring in the ice, feeling the wind on my body, gaining momentum and speed, and simply feeling free.

Competing on the world stage in different countries among 20 of your closest friends and teammates was an absolutely incredible experience. Being part of a team who trains day in and day out together at an elite level and working towards a common goal – to me – is the best “life” training that one can have. We went through the biggest ups and the biggest downs together. This team was a family full of incredibly talented, hard working individuals. We had huge successes and huge failures. What an incredible ride it was.


You may have already guessed that I have the ‘creative’ bone. Last year I created a website dedicated strictly to my art. My most recent painting was hibiscus flower. View the progress to completion here: