Olympic.ca 2.0

Managed the redesign and relaunch of olympic.ca & olympique.ca.  I continue to manage Olympic.ca, including quality control, measurement, reporting, content implementation and user experience.


Our vision was to create a website that can be best-in-class amongst global NOCs; a site that is stable enough to weather the wave of fan traffic that will come with Sochi and Rio; a site that is modern, fast, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly. We re-launched olympic.ca in August 2013 and we continue to make ongoing improvements (including a homepage redesign in January 2014 to account for our increase in post volume and other Sochi considerations).


  • Drastically improved stability and performance: Formal partnership with WordPress, the world’s #1 blog-specific Content Management System (CMS), powering more than 69 million sites, including properties belonging to CNN, NFL, BBC, NBC Sports, CBS, Time, TechCrunch, and Samsung
  • Enhanced search: Search functionally custom developed by WordPress partner network, providing context specific search (searching by athlete, by sport, by games, etc.)
  • Modern, mobile-first design:  By 2014, mobile consumption is predicted to overtake desktop. As such, Olympic.ca has been redesigned from the ground up as a mobile-first property:  it uses Œresponsive development, which means that the site literally Œresponds to the screen dimensions of the device it’s being displayed on, creating superior experiences from one site, regardless of screen size. We have also adopted a minimalist, clean and flat design style ­ again to work well on mobile, and for performance reasons.
  • Simplified Navigation: Menu systems designed for mobile screens, with focus on core areas of highest fan interest.
  • Built to be shared: Inclusion of prominent social sharing capabilities, encouraging fans to spread our content.
  • Enhanced French version: French now has its own domain name: Olympique.ca. French historical content undergoing a complete audit.
  • One-site strategy: Merging all existing sites into a single entity, including Education and Foundation websites.
  • Robust publishing platform: The site is built to accommodate a huge increase in content volume, including new series, rich media galleries, guest authors, and best-in-class athlete profiles
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