You’ve edited the PSD (Photoshop) files from your WordPress theme.  What’s the next step?

The Easy Solution

The simple answer that you may have already found elsewhere on the web:

1. Replace the PSD files in your theme with your edited PSD files.

2. Ensure the file names of what you edited is exactly the same as the files you’re replacing them with.

Easy Peasy right?

If you’ve answered WRONG! You’re in the exact same boat that I was and struggling to find an answer on the web.

You’ve changed the PSD files…and nothing has changed on the site.

That was the scenario I was in. I opened and closed every single folder in my FTP client (I was using Filezilla, and found nothing to change). I loved my template and was not going to let this stop me.

The Alternative Solution:

1. Download your site from your FTP client (Filezilla, or other) onto your desktop.

2. Open and navigate to take a look at each of your images folders until you find one that has some of the graphics in the photoshop file that you altered but did not change.

3. Drag and drop one of those individual (PNG or JPG or other) files into Photoshop and edit according to your liking. This may require dragging and dropping the edit you made in your altered PSD files in a layer on top of what you opened and positioning in your new colour/shape perfectly.

4. Press save. Do not change the name. Save the file directly replacing the original one in the images folder.

5. Repeat for each image/icon so they’re in your colour scheme and personalized.

6. Once completed, upload the folder containing your entire site back into your FTP client. When prompted, select “replace only altered files” as your FTP client will notice the files that have been altered and replace them.

7. Voila! Check out your beautiful personally branded site and smile.

I hope this alternative works for you if needed. It was a pain in the butt but worth it in the end as my site is now completely unique with my branding colours and logos.

Best of luck & Happy Editing! Your hard work will pay off in the end 😉