My phone has been doing this weird thing where it keeps turning off and recently it decided it wouldn’t turn back on. So, I have to head to the store to get it fixed. This is what that looks like and how much I rely on my smartphone.


15. I’m getting ready to leave and remember that I need to pick up some things at Shoppers. Let me just take out my smartphone and make a list…ugh.

14. What should I wear? Let me just check the weather on my smartphone…ugh.

13. Should I walk or take transit? Let me see how long it takes on my smartphone…ugh.

12. Music for the walk? Nope.

11. Oh check out that gorgeous flower peeking up through the sidewalk! Let me just take out my smartphone to take a pic…ugh.

10. Stranger asks me what time it is. Let me just check my smartphone…ugh.

9. A question arises…what time is that girl’s dinner tonight? Let me just check my calendar on my smartphone…ugh.

8. I stop for coffee at Starbucks. Let me just pay with my app…ugh.

7. Thankfully I know how to get there and don’t need a map. Now that I’m there, let me just check-in on foursquare on my smartphone…ugh.

6. Oh dear, there’s a long wait until I can receive help at the store. Let me just check Twitter…or Facebook…or Instagram…Or play words with friends with my mother…Or get caught up on email.

5. Maybe I’ll just text my boyfriend and see how his move went…

4. Or time the wait…

3. Or get lost in the Vine…

2. When is the first day of fall? I wish I could google that…

1. I see a Blue Jays hat. What’s the score of the Jays game? I normally would check my ‘At Bat’ app but then say $%”*& it, they’re doing terribly anyway.


I’m pretty thankful that my phone is now fixed so I can ride the transit home and write this blog post. Not to mention the anxiety I felt being unreachable. Although, maybe I should try that the odd time. Nah, not while working in the digital world. At least not at this time.