St. Patricks Day comes with great hype. A flurry of green and clovers sell out everywhere. For once, there is no food colouring left at your grocery store. People buy tickets for St. Party’s Day weeks in advance and everyone becomes Irish for a day. Green becomes all the hype.


As for social media, let’s take the latest buzz channels: Pinterest and Highlight…A flurry of new users sign up, there’s no shortage of new blog posts about why Pinterest is amazing. Highlight becomes all the hype…you get the idea.

Fast-forward to March 18th and the only people wearing green are the ones doing the walk of shame from the day before.

Once the hype of the latest and greatest social media channel wear down, is your brand thriving or are you being hung out to dry?

Using the latest greatest & most talked about social media channel is NOT going to help you in the long run unless you already have something great. By something great, I’m talking about your reason for existence, the why of your brand. Always start with the Why. Then, go forth and have conversations and interactions that matter.

Green is temporary, beer is forever.